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Project Committers

Companies that are contributing committer's:

Compex Systemhaus GmbH -

Innovent Solutions -

Actuate -


InetSoft -

Tsinghua University (Beijing, China) -

BIRT uses the standard Eclipse process to elect new committers. You are welcome to join in...


The BIRT project was first proposed and sponsored by Actuate Corporation when Actuate joined the Eclipse Foundation as a Strategic Developer in the mids of Q3, 2004. The project was subsequently approved and became a top-level project within the Eclipse community Q4, 2004 The project contributor community includes IBM, and Innovent Solutions.

In 2007 IBM's Tivoli Division adopted BIRT as the infrastructure for its Tivoli Common Reporting (TCR) product. TCR produces reports on Tivoli-managed IT resources and processes.

The initial project code base was designed and developed by Actuate beginning in early 2004 and donated to the Eclipse Foundation when the project was approved.

During the six months prior to the creation of the Eclipse BIRT project, Actuate was actively researching and developing capabilities that correspond to the initial BIRT projects. This involved researching the requirements, developing design for the BIRT XML Report Design, and development of initial code. Actuate seeded the BIRT project by donating the work from this research and development. Specifically:

XML Report Design Schema - A schema for representing the data access and layout aspects of reports ranging from simple listing style reports through complex, highly formatted reports.

Report Design Object Model Component - A component that encapsulates the logic of resolving report element properties based on report object hierarchy, style sheets and report scripting, as well as providing report design read/write and persistency. Initial design work, implementation, and unit tests were contributed.

Report Execution and Rending Engine Component - A component that takes a report design file as input and generates various report output format such as HTML, PDF, and PostScript for printing. Initial design work, implementation, and unit tests were contributed.

Report Designer - An Eclipse plug-in that helps users design report layout through a user friendly GUI. Initial design work, implementation, and unit tests were contributed.

Innovent and Actuate had already over 10 years of experience each in the business intelligence market bevor bevor initializiing the BIRT project. The project is working with the Eclipse community to build on this initial code to deliver market leading reporting functionality to the open source Eclipse ecosystem.