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Create a Report

Create a Project

Eclipse uses projects to organize your files. So, the first step is to create a new project. For this demo, let's create a project called "My Reports":

  • Choose File->New->Project. The new project dialog appears.

  • Open the "Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools" group and choose "Report Project".

  • Click Next.

  • Type "My Reports" (without the quotes) as the project name.

  • Click Finish.

  • Click OK if asked to switch to the Report Design perspective. (This occurs if you create a BIRT project while in a perspective other than Report Design.)

Create a Report

We're now ready to create our first report:

  • Choose File->New->Report. The new report dialog appears.

  • In the tree view, choose the project we just created: My Reports.

  • Enter the following in the file name field: Customers.rptdesign.

  • Click Next.

You can create a report in three ways: as a blank report, by using a BIRT-defined template, or by copying one of your report designs. In this tutorial we will use a Template descibed in the next section.

Choose a Template

The next page of the New Report dialog presents a selection of report templates. Before we choose the one we want, let's walk though what's available.

  • My First Report - Starts a report template that takes you through a tutorial using on-line help. (That tutorial will eventually replace this one.)

  • Blank Report - Creates a blank report with no predefined content.

  • Simple Listing - A tabular listing with no grouping.

  • Grouped Listing - A tabular listing with grouping. Grouping shows repeated values just once. Grouping also allows you to create subtotals.

  • Dual Column Listing - Produces a listing with two columns side-by-side.

  • Chart & Listing - A tabular listing that adds a chart to the top of the report.

  • Dual Column Chart & Listing - Combines charts and tables so you can display two sets of related data in a single report.

  • Side by Side Chart & Listing - Creates a grouped report where each group contains a chart and a listing side by side.

We're now ready to choose our template:

  • Select the Grouped Listing.

  • Click Finish.

BIRT opens your new report in the Eclipse workspace.